2019 Holiday New Account Fraud Report

Jumio’s Annual Global Look at Online Identity Fraud from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

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What's Inside?

  • How holiday ID fraud compares to the full year
  • Fraud patterns by region and country
  • Industry-specific trends in ID fraud
  • What we believe has led to the largest increase in attempted ID fraud in five years

Jumio’s 2019 Holiday New Account Fraud Report provides a detailed and comparative look at six years of online identity fraud data, centered on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The report focuses specifically on new account fraud — defined as attempts by individuals to create fake new online accounts using a manipulated government-issued ID.

The data in the 2019 report is based on more than one million global ID verification transactions across a broad range of industries, including banking, cryptocurrency exchanges, online gaming, insurance, travel, sharing economy, e-commerce and online services.

As cybercriminals perfect and fine-tune their impersonation efforts, it’s getting more difficult for modern enterprises to distinguish between high-risk and low-risk users. With data from this report, you will get a clear picture of the very real risks of ID fraud and begin to uncover strategies to protect your online ecosystem.

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