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Accelerate Digital Trust

The Power of End-to-End Identity Proofing Platforms

Jumio Aite

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David Mattei

David Mattei
Strategic Advisor,
Fraud and AML,

Santosh Rajvaidya

Santosh Rajvaidya
Vice President of Product,

Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester
Vice President, Global Account Management,

Nearly 90% of businesses have seen higher fraud losses since the pandemic began, most coming from online customer onboarding. But fraud doesn’t stop at new customers. Companies are seeing a 3X increase in losses related to account takeover – making it critical to manage fraud across the entire customer journey.*

Successful companies are taking a comprehensive approach, replacing dozens of point solutions in their anti-fraud tech stack with an end-to-end identity proofing platform to accelerate digital trust. The result is a massive improvement in keeping good customers happy while keeping fraudsters out.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The rise of end-to-end identity proofing platforms and why they matter
  • How to connect the dots across the customer journey with orchestration and continuous authentication
  • Real-world examples of how top companies are preventing fraud without sacrificing customer experience

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