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Our Speakers

Philipp Pointer

Philipp Pointer
Chief Product Officer

ricky Lee

Ricky Lee
Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Herndon

Danielle Herndon
Global Lead, Financial Crime Product Compliance

Joshua Stephens

Joshua Stephens
Vice President of Product

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson
Chief Product Officer
Lendit Fintech

A seismic shift is expected to occur with financial institutions' Know Your Customer processes over the next two years, with digital identity verification technology providing the most significant change. For decades, the only real way to verify someone’s identity online was to compare self-reported information, usually captured on an online form, to a third-party database or credit bureau.

Thanks to large-scale data breaches, social engineering and malware, organisations have no choice but to adopt the most robust technologies at their disposal to ensure they know who they are doing business with.

According to the 2020 Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation: “By 2022, 80% of organizations will be using document centric identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows.”

Modern digital technologies automate the confirmation process, and allow banks to analyze each transaction to watch for suspicious activity in real time.

Join us to learn:

  • The benefit of face-based biometrics as the strongest form of online identity verification
  • How biometric authentication can be integrated into an organisation’s risk strategy
  • The potential impact of not properly vetting and verifying users