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The Power of Orchestration:
Why Firms are Moving to Identity Proofing Platforms

Jumio, Aite, Credit Sesame

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David Mattei

David Mattei
Fraud and AML

Nicholas Dinh

Nicholas Dinh
Global Head of Operations
Credit Sesame

Bala Kumar

Bala Kumar



When it comes to remotely onboarding customers, businesses have adopted eKYC solutions to ensure their new customers are who they say they are and are suitable to do business with. But most eKYC solutions are limited in scope, forcing companies to research, purchase, integrate and maintain dozens of different point solutions to meet all their identity verification requirements.

In this webinar, we gathered a panel of experts to explore the rise of the end-to-end identity proofing platform and how it addresses several challenges.

Discussion points include:

  • Challenges with using multiple point solutions and vendors
  • Detecting fraud without increasing friction for legitimate customers
  • What is orchestration and why does it matter?
  • No-code orchestration: Can it support complex business logic?
  • Why multiple types of checks are essential
  • Continuous authentication: What to do when a password isn’t enough
  • Examples in financial services

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