A Crisis of Identity

Understanding and Preparing for the Cyber Threat Landscape in Asia Pacific

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According to a 2022 Global Identity and Fraud Report, one in four customers across Asia Pacific (APAC) have been victims of online fraud and identity theft. Yet many of those surveyed were not at all worried about online fraud and identity theft despite the growing threat. In fact, four in five APAC customers (80%) expect businesses to take the necessary steps to protect them from cyber threats.

The shift to a digital-first world, accelerated by COVID-19, has left not just consumers but also businesses and governments more at risk of online fraud and identity theft than ever before.

In this e-book, we look at how organizations can fight online fraud more effectively at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from signing up new customers to keeping track of their transactions over time.

Topics of this ebook include:

    • Current facts about online fraud and identity theft in Asia Pacific
    • Why database checks are not enough
    • The use of data-centric and biometric technologies for more secure customer verification
    • How to exploit simple, low-friction checks
    • Why orchestration matters