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Keeping Fraud Out of Shared Mobility Ecosystems

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Harald Grassl
Regional Director,


Olivier Le Gruiec
Digital Project Manager,


Anissa Fersi
Public Affairs Director,


Cornelius Kiermasch
Head of Shared Mobility,
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH


Thibault Castagne

woman wearing a jacket and scarf holding a scooter looking at her smart device.

We’ve all heard about it or seen it for ourselves: shared bikes stolen and thrown into rivers, shared electric scooters broken and strewn about sidewalks and shared cars being an object of theft attempts, intended crashes and broken windows. Such acts of vandalism frustrates cities, disgusts citizens and deeply hurts the reputation of shared mobility operators. The business models of shared mobility operators depend heavily on the strength of their reputation and user base, so how can these operators scale and grow while keeping bad actors off their platforms?

While efforts have been made to counter shared mobility vandalism and fraud by increasing security measures through the adoption of license verification and two-factor authentication, this isn’t enough.

In this webinar, panelists explore the following questions:


  • What types of security measures can shared mobility operators take to protect their fleets without encumbering customers who want to access these vehicles quickly and easily?

  • Do different types of vehicles (e.g. scooters, bikes and cars) require different security measures?

  • What are some of the potential verification and safety challenges for future technologies, such as autonomous vehicles?

  • As city dwellers increasingly shift from private vehicle use to using shared mobility options, are the systems in place secure enough to deal with the influx of users?

  • Is this a problem that can be solved with technology alone or do legislative actions and awareness campaigns need to be taken in tandem?

  • Will there ever be a “magic bullet” that will stop fleet vandalism, or do cities and operators need to accept shared vehicle damage and “clutter” as a part of life?

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