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Bias in Biometrics: How to Authenticate Quickly and Fairly

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Alix Melchy

Alix Melchy
VP of AI,

Peter Counter

Peter Counter,

woman taking selfie for authentication

Bias can creep into algorithms in several ways. AI systems learn to make decisions based on training data, which can include biased human decisions or reflect historical or social inequities, even if sensitive variables such as gender, race or sexual orientation are removed.

Facial authentication relies on the unique biological characteristics of an individual to verify that they are who they claim to be, so bias is a huge issue when attempting to verify user identities.


Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Alix Melchy, VP of AI at Jumio to learn: 


  • Solutions to help eliminate bias in algorithms
  • How to detect fraudulent IDs
  • Understand AI to improve identity verification accuracy
  • Deeper understanding of AI learning models

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