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Combat the Growing Specter of Money Laundering

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Presented by:

Greg Wlodarczyk
Senior Consultant, FINTRAIL

Nathalie Newman
Head of Partnerships, ComplyAdvantage

Dean Nicolls
Global VP of Marketing, Jumio



Since the financial crisis, dozens of crackdowns have targeted money launderers who effectively rely on banks, shell companies, and other mechanisms to cover their tracks.

Learn from FINTRAIL, ComplyAdvantage and Jumio about current money laundering trends and best practices for AML screening and online identity verification to weed out bad actors as part of the new account onboarding process.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • The potential costs of non-compliance (monetary and reputational)
  • How the global regulatory landscape is quickly evolving
  • How AML screening is being automated & streamlined during account onboarding
  • Why AML monitoring is needed after the initial screening
  • The advantages of a single, integrated dashboard for identity verification & AML screening

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