Preventing Fraud & Chargebacks Through Customer Authentication

Chargebacks911: From Defense to Offense, and Jumio

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Trust is a two-way street: In a CNP environment, your customers must believe their information is safe and secure with you. At the same time, merchants must be able to trust that that the customer is legitimate. Is there an accurate way to verify customers’ real-world identity, and how much transactional authority they possess?

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • The increasing importance of reliable customer authentication
  • The difference between identity proofing and ongoing authentication
  • Emerging technologies that increase speed and accuracy of customer onboarding
  • The powerful verification tool most of your customers already own

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Presented by:

Jarrod Wright

Jarrod Wright
Marketing Director, Chargebacks911

Dean Nicolls

Dean Nicolls
Global VP of Marketing, Jumio