2020 Digital Transformation Summit

Remote Onboarding

How Banks are Evolving and Changing the Game

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Dean Nicolls

Dean Nicolls

Robert Evans

Robert Evans

Neil O'Brien

Neil O'Brien
Banking Consultant

It’s pretty clear that COVID-19 caught most banks and financial institutions flat-footed. Over the last several months, Financial Institutions have been scrambling to digitize their operations. In fact, some are probably moving too fast in their haste and making mistakes that could cost their institutions down the road. Others are still overly reliant on branch offices and require consumers to visit a branch to finish transactions that were initiated online. Now’s the time to go fully digital, but to do so prudently.

Watch this panel recording to learn about:

  • The challenges of going 100% digital
  • How customer onboarding, both in-branch and online, are changing in the COVID-19 era
  • 5 best practices to streamline and automate KYC/AML compliance
  • How financial crime is evolving as more and more banks go digital
  • Proven methods to protect new and existing banking accounts