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How Electronic IDs are Changing Identity Verification in the EU and Beyond

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  • What is an eID and why is it needed?
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  • Interoperability and eIDAS
  • eID schemes and levels of assurance
  • The role of online identity verification in the electronic ID ecosystem

New to eIDAS and electronic IDs? Wondering about their impact on your online identity verification and KYC programs? This resource is for you.

eIDAS is the European Union’s legislation that oversees electronic identification (eID), authentication and trust services for electronic transactions in the EU’s internal market. The EU Commission views these services as key enablers for secure cross-border electronic transactions and the central building blocks of the Digital Single Market.

In this e-book, we explore the various types of electronic IDs, how they’re issued, and how they help citizens in the EU and beyond conduct business with government agencies. We answer frequently asked questions and look at the important role identity verification providers can play in this ecosystem.

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