Keeping Fraud Out of Online Payments

How to protect payments against the latest AI-powered fraud threats

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The digital payments industry is now the backbone of the global economy. Unfortunately, it’s also a major target for fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes. With new AI technology that allows scammers to program chatbots to mimic human interaction convincingly, payments providers now more than ever need robust fraud prevention strategies.

What you'll learn:

    • Best practices for leveraging biometrics
    • How to build a robust payments fraud prevention program
    • How to strike a fine balance between identity fraud detection and the ideal user experience
    • The power of AI



Alix Melchy

Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Jumio


Jane Jee

Project Financial Crime Lead, The Payments Association 


Chris Parker

Head of Threat, NatWest 


Conrad Lennard

Director, Global Product Sales- Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard


Mohneesh V Paranjpe

Director & Lead for AI Based RiskOps Capability, EY