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Expert Edge Webinar

Combating Identity Fraud with Advancements in Identity Verification Solutions


Reinhard Hochrieser

Vice President of Product Management, Jumio


Divya Baranawal

Vice President & Principal Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions



Shahima Khan

Marketing Specialist, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Hear from industry experts Reinhard Hochrieser, VP of Product Management at Jumio, and Divya Baranawal, VP & Principal Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, along with Shahima Khan to learn how industry leaders are steering the future of digital identity security.

You'll gain valuable perspectives that could help shape your approach to identity verification in today's digital age.

What You'll Learn

    • About the dramatic shift in identity fraud tactics
    • How advanced technologies like biometrics, face detection and blockchain are revolutionizing verification solutions
    • Key trends shaping the future of identity capture and verification, including the rise of digital identities and multimodal biometrics