Identity Verification’s Integral Position in Evolving Digital Transformation

A Finextra Impact Study

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Download this Finextra impact study, in association with Jumio, to learn how to:

  • Establish a competitive edge with efficient onboarding.
  • Reduce abandonment rates.
  • Utilize biometrics, facial recognition and AI.
  • Ensure a positive, seamless user experience.

Eliminating friction by enhancing onboarding processes with efficient identity verification is of paramount importance to the success of a financial institution.

While data can bolster streamlined onboarding and verification, it can also support the delivery of actionable insights for the creation of personalized services. This establishes a comprehensive view of the customer, increases loyalty, boosts sales and generates revenue. Therefore, in an increasingly competitive market, the transformation of user experience must be prioritized, and identity verification is central to that objective.