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Optimizing High-Volume Hiring with Efficient Identity Verification

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Johnson Ha

Head of Sales & Business Development, US West, Jumio


Gillian Slack

Director of Operations, Customer Success, Fountain



Speed and efficiency are key when dealing with high-volume recruiting. This puts companies in the best position to attract and keep top picks while also saving time and resources and positively illuminates the employer brand.

The vast majority of companies require candidates to undergo various checkpoints and documentation, such as ID verification, background checks, drug tests and more. When not done efficiently, these steps can take significant time.

We are proud to partner with Fountain, the high-volume hiring platform empowering companies with an hourly workforce to streamline and scale their recruiting operations, to help you optimize high-volume hiring through efficient identity verification.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • The ideal structure and length of job applications for hourly positions.
  • How to get your internal team ready for high-volume recruitment.
  • Tools and techniques necessary to maximize efficiency with ID verification.
  • Traditional vs. modern approaches to identity verification.
  • How fraud can creep into the hiring process and the havoc it can wreak.