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Frictionless Fraud Prevention

Stopping Fraud Without Adding Friction 

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Daryl Huff

Daryl Huff
VP Advanced Development,

Peter Counter

Peter Counter,

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Fraud attack sophistication is constantly evolving and increasing, putting businesses at risk. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Grant Thornton did a study last year, “The Next Normal: Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Fraud Landscape” in which they surveyed 83,000 anti-fraud professionals across the world and found that more than half of survey respondents (51%) indicated that their organization has uncovered more fraud than usual since the onset of the pandemic. 

With the increasing fraud risks developing across the globe, it’s never been more critical for organizations to implement a flexible identity-proofing solution that leverages the latest technology to protect their business. 


Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Daryl Huff, VP Advanced Development at Jumio to learn: 


  • The use of biometrics in customer onboarding (challenges and best practices) 
  • Industry trends in facial recognition and detection methods 
  • Biometric-based attacks and defenses 
  • How to protect your customers and citizens from fraud 

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