The Future of Digital Identity in Latin America

Biometrics, ecosystems, and ID in a post-COVID digital landscape.

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A whitepaper from iupana, in partnership with Jumio.

As the digital transaction trend accelerates across Latin America, fintechs, banks, payment companies and other financial institutions must stay ahead of a rapidly evolving fraud and security panorama.

In the past, verifying a person’s identity with a sophisticated tool such as biometric authentication was sufficient. But today new fraud schemes and ever-stricter anti-money laundering (AML) regulation mean that a simple ID validation isn’t enough. Companies require a range of digital tools to ensure that they properly confirm a customer’s identity.

Digital security is now much more than biometric verification: it’s about bringing together multiple tools for a consolidated, coordinated identity management system. This white paper details the current situation with regards to risk, fraud and AML in Latin America and explores the changing demands of identity authentication in the region’s digital environment.

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What's Inside?

    • The changing face of digital trust
    • Proof of life: a must in the digital era
    • Putting UX and data privacy at the center
    • Beyond ID, orchestration is vital
    • What’s your appetite for risk?
    • The future of digital identity
    • Use Case: improving onboarding