GDPR & Online Identity Proofing: An Inconvenient Truth

Learn why and how to vet your online identity verification data processors against GDPR compliance requirements.

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This e-book will help you:

  • Understand the immediate and potential liability associated with the activities of your data processors.
  • Grasp key concepts of GDPR compliance that impact your online identity proofing program.
  • Ask the right questions to vet your data processor (online identity verification provider).
  • Learn the 5 must-haves of a GDPR-enabling solution and how Jumio satisfies each requirement.
  • Recognize the looming importance of PCI DSS as a key driver of GDPR compliance.

Is Your Data Processor Helping or Hindering Your GDPR Compliance?

While it is the duty of all companies to ensure they properly protect and manage the data of EU citizens under GDPR, this is especially important for companies that utilize online identity proofing solutions.

This e-book represents a collaboration between Fintrail and Jumio to frame your thinking about whether the data processor you rely on for online identity verification is effectively managing and exceeding the standards laid out in GDPR.

What You'll Learn:

  • 5 critical questions to ask your online identity verification provider
  • How Jumio satisfies GDPR’s 5 must-haves
  • The looming importance of PCI DSS and its relation to GDPR

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