Generative AI

How to Protect Your Business in the Golden Age of Fraud and Disinformation

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Generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have exploded in quality and popularity. These technologies can create a variety of content including articles, posts and images with a simple prompt from a user.

Unfortunately, this evolution has also made it alarmingly simple for bad actors to scam their victims and spread disinformation. Bots armed with generative AI can open social media accounts, create posts with disinformation, and even have online conversations with victims who think they’re talking to a human, not a computer.

As a result, businesses are under greater pressure than ever to stop fraudsters and bots. In this guide, we explore the current trends in fraud and disinformation and how you can best protect your business and your customers from the nefarious side of generative AI.

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What's Inside?

    • How generative AI can be used for fraud and disinformation
    • How consumers view generative AI
    • How governments are looking to regulate it
    • Why businesses are on the front lines
    • Five steps businesses should take right now