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How Risk Signals Can Enhance ID Verification in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Learn strategies to stop fraud at the door and assess risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

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  • A live demonstration of Jumio’s end-to-end identity verification and frictionless risk signals.

  • Hear from one of the largest global hotel groups on what ID Verification has done for their brand and where they see the power of orchestration fitting into their future plans.
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After a couple of quiet years, travel is back in full swing. But as long as the travel and hospitality industries continue to thrive, cybercriminals will hunt for ways to profit off of them. It's important to remember, identity verification requires more than just checking an ID. 

Watch this webinar replay to see recent updates to Jumio’s KYX orchestration platform. We will review frictionless risk signals that can stop fraudsters at the door and help you assess risk throughout the customer lifecycle. Jumio’s advanced risk signals provide additional assurance and trust that your customers are who they say they are — and that they do not provide unnecessary risk to your business — during onboarding and each time they return to your platform.

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