The Inevitable Collision of Identity Proofing & Authentication

How to achieve end-to-end identity verification and authentication in today's digital world.

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What You'll Learn:

  • What's wrong with the way companies are handling identity proofing and authentication today?
  • Why are the lines blurring between identity proofing and authentication?
  • Can something as simple as a selfie provide the security, assurance and user experience companies are looking for?

Are your customers and users, in fact, who they claim to be?

The answer to this question has never been more important.

Verification is now required by a surprising amount of digital businesses, from purchasing products and applying for services, to social networking platforms where the authenticity of users is built into the experience.

But there are really two types of identity verification involved — identity proofing (when the new user is initially onboarded and the new online account created) and ongoing authentication (when the user logs into their account or performs a high-risk transaction).