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IDV + AML = Happy Customers + Happy Regulators


Andrew Davies

Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, ComplyAdvantage


Helen Keniston

Solutions Director EMEA, ComplyAdvantage


Dean Nicolls

VP of Growth Marketing, Jumio

Speed and security don’t always go hand in hand, yet in an instantaneous age it’s what’s required to remain competitive. So how do we balance consumers demanding access to products and services at the click of a button on one hand and, on the other, regulators requiring robust risk assessments to prevent financial crime?

Traditionally separate IDV and AML checks, high false positive rates and burdensome manual reviews would have made this impossible to achieve, whilst simultaneously creating significant inefficiencies and friction for customers. But not anymore.

What You'll Learn

    In this webinar identity and AML experts from Jumio and ComplyAdvantage consider the advantages of a cohesive IDV and AML approach, including more comprehensive risk assessments, reduced false positives and streamlined operations.