Global Identity Verification and KYC Compliance for Financial Services and Digital Assets

Know and trust that your customers are who they say they are. Jumio automates the online identity verification process to help prevent online identity fraud and identity theft, and simplify KYC and AML compliance while providing a frictionless onboarding experience.

  • Real-time automated ID verification
  • Selfie verification with advanced face-based biometrics
  • Liveness detection to prevent spoofing and deepfakes
  • Risk-based decision in seconds based on your predefined risk tolerances

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How It Works

Jumio Identity Verification solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning and biometrics to automate the identity verification process and to help companies improve conversion rates, comply with AML and KYC regulations and better detect fraud – all while delivering a risk-based decision in seconds. Jumio plugs right into your existing process, to deliver a quick, easy and secure customer experience across devices via web and mobile SDKs, web client or API.
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ID Verification

Prompts your customers to take a photo of the front and back of their identification document (such as driver's license or passport), then uses sophisticated algorithms to detect fraud.

Selfie Verification

Prompts your customer to take a selfie to ensure the person pictured in the ID and the person in possession of that ID are one and the same.

Liveness Detection

Face-based biometrics and advanced liveness detection ensures the person holding the ID and taking the selfie is physically present, not a photo or video.

Risk-based Decision

Jumio calculates the fraud risk and approves or rejects the identity transaction in seconds based on your business predefined risk tolerances.

Solution Highlights

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Automatically Verify IDs

Intuitive real-time online identity verification to reduce customer and user drop off rate during account opening and onboarding.

Fraud Deterence

Fraud Deterence

Subjects users to a brief liveness check, which serves as a powerful fraud deterrent for many scammers who prefer not to share their own likeness with the company they're looking to defraud.
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User Experience

Dramatically reduce user friction and verification time while increasing conversion rates.

Course Correction

Reduce abandonment rates by enabling your users to retake a picture of their ID or selfie if the initial image is unreadable.
certified liveness detection

Advanced Liveness Check

Perform liveness detection using advanced face-biometric technology for spoof-proofing.

Global Coverage

Easily scale with support for over 5,000 ID types globally and non-Latin character documents.

Hear From Our Clients

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"As Monzo continues to grow and pursue new markets, we know that Jumio will scale with our business and continue to provide an essential service — helping Monzo create the best-possible experience for our banking customers while fighting financial crime."

Head of Financial Crime

“Jumio’s adept integration across industries underscores their pursuit of excellence and in the ongoing efforts to improve security. In the Asia-Pacific region, where digital transformation is pivotal, Jumio enhances efficiency, fosters trust and ensures financial inclusion. Amid evolving regulations, their role in innovation is remarkable. We value our robust partnership.”

Bernard Teo, Head of Asia-Pacific Operations, Webull

“Our partnership with Jumio has been integral in achieving our milestones so far as an all-digital bank in the Philippines to deliver a safe and secure banking experience.”

Vijay Manoharan, CEO, CIMB Bank Philippines

Know and trust your customers online with Jumio's AI-driven identity verification platform trusted by leading brands worldwide.

Why Jumio


Jumio Platform

Provides a complete end-to-end solution for onboarding and ongoing monitoring of your users. Orchestrate dynamic workflows to trigger identity verification, risk signals and AML screening services during the user journey based on the risk level of each user.

Industry-Leading Technology

At Jumio, we continually research, develop and embed cutting-edge technologies into our solutions to stay at the forefront of fraud detection, compliance and UX.

Global Coverage

Jumio has processed over 1 billion transactions from over 200 countries and territories from real-time web and mobile transactions.

Prevent online identity fraud and identity theft, and simplify KYC/AML compliance while providing a frictionless onboarding experience.

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