Know Your Traveler

How to Establish Digital Trust in Travel & Hospitality

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  • Airlines
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After a massive decline during the COVID pandemic, travel came soaring back in 2022. But while this rebound is good news for the travel industry, fraud has also been taking off. Criminals have realized that travelers provide a gold mine of value, both in the ease of stealing their identities and the high rewards for stealing points from loyalty programs.

At the same time, firms in this industry have been adopting digital transformation faster than ever before. Travelers are increasingly demanding digital check-in and the ability to go straight to their hotel room or rental car without having to stop at the front desk to check in. Companies are left juggling the need to provide a great user experience with a highly effective Know Your Customer (KYC) solution that prevents fraud by remote users as well as in-person travelers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how companies in the travel and hospitality industry are addressing this problem and the best practices your firm can take to establish trust and protect your business.