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Fraud and UX in Fintech

Experts Share Top Trends and Challenges in Latin America for 2023



Edwin Zácipa

Edwin Zácipa
Founder at Latam Fintech Hub and Managing Partner,
Capital Hub

Roberto Aguilar

Roberto Aguilar
Editorial Director,
Forbes Mexico

Ignacio Carballo

Ignacio Carballo
Head of Alternative Finance,
Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI)

Chris Balatti

Chris Balatti
Personal Pay, Telecom Argentina

Pedro Enrique Sarmiento

Pedro Enrique Sarmiento
Associate Director,

Leading experts in the Latin American fintech ecosystem are sounding the alarm about one of the most important obstacles businesses are facing in 2023 – financial fraud.

The surge of digital transactions and the increase in more creative and sophisticated technology over the past few years have accelerated this threat. As a result, businesses recognized the necessity to equip risk and control teams with stronger anti-fraud platforms. But many businesses are still struggling with the implications of these necessary updates. Is it possible to minimize cyber threats while providing a frictionless user experience? What is the role of fintechs in ensuring the safety of traditional institutions? Can artificial intelligence help streamline processes and improve decision making?

Through the expertise of recognized financial experts in the region we’ll help answer all of these questions while exploring the evolution of fraud and user experience.

What you'll learn:

    • Why businesses need to urgently deepen security measures
    • The role of new technologies in providing an identity verification process that is safe, agile and easy-to-use
    • How digital identity verification based on biometrics can significantly minimize cyber threats
    • Why fintechs and traditional financial institutions must work together to strengthen control methods