Loved by users.

Loathed by fraudsters.

With the power of AI, Jumio transforms online identity verification into a process your customers will actually appreciate.

Identity verification shouldn’t slow down your business or your customers.

At Jumio, we use AI to get to the ground truth of customer identity, quickly and easily. With Jumio, you can onboard, convert and authenticate good customers in seconds and keep fraud from poisoning your online channel.

Quickly turn good people into good customers.

Convert more customers faster and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with automated, highly accurate and user-friendly identity verification solutions.

Lightning fast

Get definitive answers in mere seconds while removing obstacles that stand between good customers and your business.


Verify anywhere, on any device

Verify more than 3,500 government-issued ID types from over 200 countries and territories. Enable verifications across channels with mobile SDK, webcam, API or mobile web implementation options.


Incredibly accurate

Employ Jumio’s AI to automate the online identity verification process and deliver the industry’s highest accuracy rates.


Easy on good customers

Cut the number of steps and time it takes to onboard new customers, delivering a more intuitive user journey. When environmental factors such as glare, blur or bad lighting prevent a successful online verification, let users course correct in real-time by providing specific reason codes for initial failure.


As simple as a selfie

Verify the digital identities of your customers — anytime, anywhere — with the device that’s always with them — their smartphones. After your user snaps a picture of their ID, they just need to take a corroborating selfie and in seconds, their online identities are reliably verified.


Keep fraud out of your online channel.

Stop fraudsters from day one, and keep them out, with solutions that get to the root of real-world identity.

Intimidate would-be fraudsters

Selfie-based identity verification from Jumio drives away would-be fraudsters by requiring them to take a photo of themselves.


Catch sophisticated fraud

Thwart deepfakes, bots and advanced spoofing attacks with best-in-class certified liveness detection that proves that the user is physically present.


Automated security checks

Instantly proof the authenticity of global ID documents by ensuring that unique security features such as holograms, microprint, and even laser perforation are checked and validated in real time.


Rely on bank-grade security

Jumio is trusted by leading financial institutions, payments, foreign exchanges and digital banks worldwide for security and data encryption that meets their high requirements.


Meet tough standards

Comply with KYC, AML, GDPR, CCPA and other regulations with Jumio’s security and data privacy standards.

Powered by


Artificial intelligence informed by true data and identity expertise.

AI is built right into Jumio’s online identity verification solutions so you can deliver a better, smarter, faster online identity verification experience.


Informed by large datasets

Jumio’s AI is informed by hundreds of millions of domain-specific data points.

Our datasets also have considerable depth in terms of the ID document types and subtypes — from UK driver’s licenses to Bahamian national ID cards to everything in between. This enables our AI models to support many different types of ID (more than 3,500) with high confidence and verification precision.

Informed by identity experts

It’s not easy to establish ground truth in online identity.

Jumio’s AI algorithms are based on datasets tagged by the best verification experts in the industry. We've invested in human review (agents who tag our verifications to keep our algorithms honest) which allows our AI to get smarter, faster.

Informed by production data

Jumio’s AI models have been developed from 10 years of real-world production data — not from academic datasets. This helps eliminate some of the bias built into off-the-shelf datasets that many startups have used to kickstart their AI modeling.

Real data means better, more informed, bias-free AI which leads to faster, more accurate verifications.

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