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Trust and Security: Reimagining the Onboarding Experience


Reinhard Hochrieser

VP of Product Management, Jumio


Assaf Kipnis

Chief Consultant,
ASK Integrity Solutions

Recent Jumio research found that 46% of consumers think it is important to use a digital identity to prove who they say they are when interacting with sharing economy brands, and that 67% would be more likely to engage with sharing economy brands if they had strong identity verification measures in place. At the heart of the collaborative economy’s success is trust and security.

Only when both users and suppliers feel confident that the organization has put measures in place to keep them physically, financially and emotionally secure, will they trust the platform.

In this webinar, we discuss best practices to leverage biometrics, AI and other advanced technologies to strike a fine balance between identity fraud detection and the ideal onboarding user experience.