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How to Create an End-to-End Identity Verification Solution in a Modern Digital Ecosystem

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Santosh Rajvaidya

Santosh Rajvaidya
Senior Director, Product Management

Blake Picolo

Blake Picolo
Sr. Sales Engineer, Identity & Fraud Expert

Online users want more security. Over the last year alone, major data breaches have affected millions of people. These breaches have shown how effortless it has become for tech-savvy criminals to steal personal data to use or sell making it increasingly difficult for businesses to combat this complex network of cybercriminals, nefarious tools and automated digital attacks. It’s time for a comprehensive fraud solution that considers the entire user journey from start to finish. 

Join Jumio and TeleSign for this fireside chat as we discuss:

  • Current fraud trends.
  • How online identity verification practices impact and integrate with the customer onboarding, account recovery and authentication worlds.
  • New techniques to protect end-users' personal information without introducing friction.