2020 Digital Transformation Summit


COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the urgent need for businesses to speed up their digital transformation strategy. Our Digital Transformation Summit uncovered some of the challenges and highlighted how industries like education, healthcare and legal are rethinking their approach.

We invite you to replay the summit sessions here.

Session 1

eKYC & Digital Identity: What’s in it for Financial Services in APAC?

Online customer acquisition is critical for financial institutions and fintech companies of any age and size to thrive in this competitive digital economy. Today, consumers are expecting frictionless and faster access to digital transactions while also demanding security and data privacy. This webinar will discuss the misperceptions of eKYC and the key strategies and best practices of designing an efficient, secure and customer-centric digital onboarding workflow.

Todd Schweitzer
CEO and Founder, Brankas
Frederic Ho
VP of APAC, Jumio
Keira Kwek
Head of FCC and DPO (APAC), Wirex
Michael P. Magbanua,
First VP, Group Head of Operations and Shared Services, UnionBank of the Philippines
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Session 2

Remote Onboarding: How Banks are Changing the Game

It’s pretty clear that COVID-19 caught most banks and financial institutions flat-footed. Over the last several months, Financial Institutions have been scrambling to digitize their operations. In fact, some are probably moving too fast in their haste and making mistakes that could cost their institutions down the road. Others are still overly reliant on branch offices and require consumers to visit a branch to finish transactions that were initiated online. Now’s the time to go fully digital, but to do so prudently.

Dean Nicolls
Vice President, Global Marketing, Jumio
Robert Evans
Co-Founder, FINTRAIL
Neil O'Brien
Former SVP Director Digital Banking Santander
Session 3

Data vs. Document-Centric Approaches to Identity Proofing

In the world of identity proofing, there are data-centric approaches and there are ID-centric approaches. Data-centric approaches rely on static data (e.g., a person’s self-reported name, address and Social Security number) and this information is corroborated against a third-party database to “verify” a person’s real-world identity. Unfortunately, these methods are no longer reliable thanks to recent data breaches, the dark web and social engineering where fraudsters can access PII data and impersonate legitimate consumers.

Dean Nicolls
Vice President, Global Marketing, Jumio
Philipp Pointner
CPO, Jumio
Lisa Lechner
CCO, Mercari Inc.
Lana Schwartzman
CCO, Paxful
Session 4

5 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Banking and FSI in the Next Decade

The proliferation of technology has continued to accelerate. New solutions can go from bleeding edge innovation through testing and adoption in mere months. But, as we stand at the beginning of another decade, what technologies are yet to appear? What technologies will fizzle out and which technologies are yet to reach their full potential? Sync Money, Tide and Jumio discuss the technologies on the horizon and how traditional banks, challenger banks and disruptor companies are utilizing the tools.

Ricky Lee
CEO/Founder, Sync Money
Matthew Tataryn
Head of Financial Crime, Tide
Gordon Harrison
Head of Sales EMEA, Jumio
Session 5

Digital Transformation Pioneers: Taking the Journey Online

Digital Transformation has been an ongoing strategic venture for a number of traditional industries like banking and financial services, as well as new emerging markets such as shared services, including mobility and accommodation. However with huge parts of the world in complete lockdown for a large part of 2020, other industries and services who previously did not necessarily need a digital transformation strategy have had to rethink their online approach.

Samantha Larson
Director, Account Management, Jumio
Nicholas P. Vitalari
Strategist, Quantum Materials
Rick Triola
CEO, NotaryCam
Session 6

Digitization Strategies to Meet KYC & AML Compliance

Learn about today's KYC landscape and how banks are leading the way with digitization and customer experience.

Our panelists discuss how to prepare against current challenges organizations face regarding KYC and 5th AML Directive. They also cover how to get ready for the upcoming 6th AML Directive and address technology concerns common to traditional KYC processes.

Nia Sakyiama
Strategic Account Manager, Jumio
Josephine Jakub
General Manager of Marketing, InfoTrack UK
Geraldine Maringo
Senior Product Owner, Nationwide Building Society
Jane Prichard
Chief Product Innovation Officer, InfoTrack UK