Jumio Go Remote User Verification

Now Free to Qualifying Organizations Involved in Relief and Assistance During the COVID-19 Crisis

Now more than ever, it is important to establish trust remotely. We’re making it easy with FREE services for qualifying relief organizations.

Organizations involved in relief and assistance during this crisis have an urgent need to be able to quickly and accurately “identity proof" their patients, students, and workers to ensure critical services can be delivered and trusted. Online identity verification can fill that need, but the process needs to be easy, fast, and secure.

To help in this time of crisis, we are offering our fully automated, AI-powered identity verification solution FREE of charge to qualifying organizations, including:


Continue to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

Identity verification with Jumio Go can help you quickly enable telehealth services while protecting doctor-patient interactions.


Online Education & Testing Services

Maintain the integrity of virtual classrooms and testing environments.

Jumio Go can help verify that the actual enrolled student is participating in online curriculum and exams.


Other Essential Services

Quickly verify and onboard essential service providers and employees.

Protect people by verifying the identities of drivers, volunteers and other employees you trust to provide care during this crisis.

Remote User Verification with Jumio Go.
Easy as 1, 2, 3.


ID Proofing Check

Is the ID document authentic and valid?


Similarity Check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo?


Liveness Check

Is the person holding the ID physically present during the transaction?


Definitive Answer

Jumio Go instantly delivers a definitive yes or no answer.

  • Real-time identity verification results
  • Streamline user onboarding
  • Fight online identity fraud
  • Meet KYC/AML compliance mandates
  • Deter online fraud
  • Easily integrate into your existing processes
Implementation Channels
  • SDK
  • Web
ID Coverage
  • All countries: Passports
  • US: ID card, driver’s licenses
  • UK: Driver’s licenses
  • France: ID cards
  • Germany: ID cards
  • Italy: Driver’s licenses
  • Canada: Driver’s licenses

Qualifying Organizations: Apply Now

Use Jumio Go AI-Powered Identity Verification FREE through December 2020

If you’re an organization dedicated to the COVID-19 relief efforts or involved in helping students, patients and vulnerable populations during this difficult time, we encourage you to apply for our free identity verification services program.

Complete the application form entirely and read the details and restrictions here. Jumio will quickly review your application to determine if you qualify.

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