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Trusted Identity From Start to Finish

How Liveness Detection and Face Biometrics Make Data Breaches Irrelevant

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What's Inside?

  • The very real problem data breaches bring to your business
  • How trust anchors are used to establish real world identity online
  • Why you can't consider verification a 'one-and-done' exercise
  • Why any biometric solution must be accompanied by liveness detection
  • What the future of online trust looks like

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Are Data Breaches Letting Bad Actors Infiltrate Your Online Ecosystem?

Every data breach fuels the dark web with more and more stolen identity data. This data makes its way to fraudsters and bad actors who attempt to infiltrate your online ecosystem — opening bad accounts, placing fraudulent orders and pilfering money and trust from your organization to fuel their greed.

What if you could shield your business from the impact of data breaches?

In this white paper we'll show you how certified liveness detection and face biometrics can help you shut out fraudsters while welcoming good customers in.

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